Top: Photo of TCS & TCSS Board Members; Bottom: Dr. Walter Davie, TEF Exec. Director Dr. Terri Boman, Dr. Mike Daria

TEF Celebrates Superintendents & Supporters of Education

  • Thursday, August 22, 2019
    TCSS is honored to be part of the Tuscaloosa Education Foundation, a group linking the Tuscaloosa City Schools and Tuscaloosa County School System, with business and community resources, all for one purpose: creating a better future for our schools and students. In 2019, the Tuscaloosa Education Foundation expanded to include both school systems in our county, as well as form a larger Board of Directors. On Monday, August 19, the Foundation hosted a Superintendents' Reception, sponsored by Bryant Bank, honoring the work and collaboration of TCS Superintendent Dr. Mike Daria and TCSS Superintendent Dr. Walter Davie. The reception was also an opportunity to bring together TEF Board members, TCS and TCSS Board of Education members, and supporters of education in our community. 
    At the reception, TEF presented Dr. Daria and Dr. Davie with the first Thomas J. Joiner Excellence in Education Awards. Mr. Tom Joiner passed away earlier this year. He was an advocate for education in our community and instrumental in the formation of TEF.
    The Tuscaloosa Education Foundation works in partnership with TCS and TCSS to provide financial resources and service opportunities to streamline support to teachers and administrators, link business and education in a formidable way, and impact our community to ensure educational success. Learn more about TEF here.