• These are some of our most commonly asked questions. If you cannot find your answer here, please go to the section "Helpful Contact and Assistance Information" to determine who you need to contact at the Central Office for assistance.

  • Q: I need to have my experience verified for certification or higher degree or another school system. What do I need to do?

    A: Complete Page 1 of the SUPPLEMENT EXP FORM (this is the form the ALSDE requires). If you need this form completed for another school system or for admission to a graduate program, send the form to Human Resources (may be scanned and emailed to pbrown@tcss.net). If the form needs to be sent to another school system, make sure to provide us with the mailing address. 

    Verification of prior experience for determining years of experience for determining years of experience on the salary schedule must be submitted within six months of an employee's hire date. The EXP form is required to be used for this verification.  Check with your former employer to verify experience has been sent to our department. 

    We will complete the verification of higher degree for you upon receipt of your official transcripts

    Q: I do not hold a teaching certificate, but am interested in teaching. What do I need to do?

    The Alabama State Department of Education Educator Certification office has information on the various alternative pathways to educator certification - Click HERE for more information. If you are interested in teaching, you will need to complete your online application on Teach in Alabama (make sure that you indicate you are interested in certified positions) and apply for positions of interest. Only when you are interviewed and recommended for a certified position can our office work with you on the next steps for certification.

    Q. I am buying a house/boat/car/land and need my income verified. Who do I contact?

    A: Contact payroll.

    Q. I did not receive my W-2 and/or I need a copy of my most recent paystub. 

    A. All employees must enroll in Employee Self-Service Portal at https://mypay.tcss.net/EmployeeSelfService If you have not already enrolled, you will need to follow the instructions to do so. Email Michelle Townsend at mbtownsend@tcss.net with any questions.

    Q. I need to have sick leave transferred from another system to TCSS or from TCSS to another school system. Who do I contact? 

    A: It is your responsibility to request a transfer of sick days from a previous Alabama public school system.  This information must be submitted to the Payroll Department. If you need sick leave transferred TO TCSS, contact your previous system. If you need TCSS to transfer sick leave to another school system, email Janice Flanigan at jflanigan@tcss.net with your name and include the name and address of your new school system. Out of state sick days are not transferable.  The Alabama Teacher Retirement System does not allow sick days to be paid out.

    Q: I have a change of address/name change. What do I do? 

    A. Complete your change of address/name change on the Employee Self-Service Portal. https://mypay.tcss.net/EmployeeSelfService If you have not already enrolled, you will need to follow the instructions to do so. You also may need to upload additional documentation. Do not forget to also submit your name change to Teachers' Retirement/PEEHIP. You can go to the RSA website at https://www.rsa-al.gov/ for these forms. You also need to make sure that you have an online account (MOS) with RSA.