Three students participating in Reality Check, speaking with community volunteer.

TCSS High School Students Participate in Reality Check

  • November 5, 2019

    Throughout this year, students at all six TCSS high schools will have the chance to experience budgeting and real-world responsibilities through Reality Check. Reality Check is a simulation where students randomly select an occupation and family scenario, and then make financial decisions based on that scenario. The occupations all exist in West Alabama and have been introduced to the students through the Worlds of Work career expo, which students attended during their eighth grade year. The goal of Reality Check is for students to learn about financial literacy and keep this experience in mind, as they prepare for their futures after high school. Reality Check is offered to students enrolled in the Career Prep course. TCSS appreciates the efforts of so many people who make this happen, including dozens of community volunteers, as well as the sponsors of Reality Check: Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University, and Alabama A&M.