• Please take some time to read!  Short texts can be used for repeated readings which will increase your reading fluency.  On longer texts, take some "margin notes" and focus on comprehension!  Also, just take some time to read for fun and just enjoy!

    iReady Math, Reading & Language

    The iReady company has provided printable resources/lessons for teacher-parents who are now homeschool heroes!  In this you will find reading, math, and language lessons.  Each lesson comes with an answer key.  Most of the ones that are provided we have already worked with in class but will serve as a good review for your now homeschool student.



    Students are very familiar with this site as well.  We use it in class often.  Students are assigned minutes weekly that allows them practice on multiple skills.  This is a tailored program that meets each students needs individually.  My e-mail to connect a home computer or iPad to Lexia is mpwhite@tcss.net. 


    Prodigy Math

    This makes math fun!  **Assignments have been added for some math standards that we were going to cover after the break.  Your child shoul already have an account setup.  They should only need my code:  9510FA



    Reflex Math

    Reflex Math is fact fluency practice for multiplication and division.  Each child should know their login and password for this site.




    This is a very useful free site that has videos that will teach math for you and help your student understand the common core methods.


    Standards to focus on for math would be:

    Geometry (5.G.1, 5.G.2, 5.G.3, 5.G.4):  Become familiar with coordinate plans (x and y axis, point of origin, etc.), plot ordered pairs in the first quadrant and interpet ordered pairs when given real life situations, classify two-dimenstional figures based on their properties, and classify the hierarchy based on properties.


    Meausrement and Data (5.M.3, 5.M.4, 5.M.5):  Find volume using unit cubes as well as using V=l x w x h and V = b x h, volume of irregular shapes


    Reading Standards to focus on:

    R.I.5.7, R.I.5.8, and R.I.5.9


    History Resources

    This site has information, quizzes, and games about the U.S Government. Focus on the Federal v. State Government, Branches of Government, and Historical Document Sections. Go over the info in these sections, then move on to the games and quizzes to see what you learned!

    https://bensguide.gpo.gov/learning-adventures-14more?id=38&age=ben9_13 -   

    *See Science Resources to login to Studies Weekly for both History and Science.


    Virtual Field Trips - 



    Science Resources

    The link below will take you to Studies Weekly for Science newspapers to learn about the states of matter. Click on the Science newspaper to go to lessons 1-9. You may also click on the History newspaper to access lessons 17-23. This is a lot of material but I wanted to provide as many options as possible.

    Usernames are firstnamelastname2020, all lowercase (ex: johnsmith2020) and password is walker, all lowercase.



    Walker Symbaloo

    This link will take you to the same links for resources available to your child at school.


    Link to Walker Grade 5 page: