Superintendent & CSFO Update

  • March 24, 2020 

    TCSS Families, Faculty, and Staff,

    As you know, earlier this year, I announced my upcoming retirement date of May 31, 2020. Our CSFO Mr. Danny Higdon also announced his retirement date of March 31, 2020. However, with the coronavirus pandemic and so many unknowns at this time, neither of us wanted to put the Board or school system in a difficult situation. So, we addressed the Board last night and conveyed our willingness to stay on until we are in a more stable condition, if the Board wished for us to do so. Please see the statement of Board President Mr. Charles Orr to the Board.

    Mr. Orr:

    The Tuscaloosa County School System, Tuscaloosa County as a community and the State of Alabama have entered into an unprecedented time and circumstance which are challenging all of us.  This has come during an already critical time for this Board in its present effort to seek, identify and select a new Superintendent to replace Dr. Walter Davie, who until today was looking forward to a retirement at the end of this coming school year.  However, given these extraordinary times and circumstances, Dr. Davie has agreed to extend his retirement until later this year.  With Dr. Davie’s agreement, I am recommending to this Board that it rescind its decision of January 16, 2020, to accept the retirement of Dr. Walter Davie as Superintendent effective June 1, 2020, and to thereby continue his services as our Superintendent under his existing contract and until such time as he determines to renew his request to retire.

    Mr. Danny Higdon has also agreed to extend his effective date of retirement until April 30, 2020. After that time, there are provisions in the Ethics Law that will allow our Board under these special circumstances to engage with Mr. Higdon on a contractual basis for an additional three months should the need exist. Mr. Higdon has expressed his desire to continue to serve our school system, so that we can adequately meet the needs of our students and allow the Board the time it needs to recruit and select a new Chief School Financial Officer. 

    The Board approved Mr. Orr’s recommendations by unanimous vote last night.

    So, for now, we both remain in place, Mr. Higdon until at least the end of April, and myself on a continuing basis, until the Board feels comfortable as to where we are with handling this new day of the coronavirus. Also, Mr. Higdon nor I wanted the Board to feel pressured or under an unreasonable timeline to secure successors with all that we are currently facing. All of that said, the search process will continue and at some point, there will be interviews scheduled and held. As updates are made, we will keep you informed.


    Walter Davie, Ed.D.



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