• CI Skills Practice (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking)

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    Note:  In response to COVID-19, many companies have made their online resources available for free for the rest of the year.  Most of the "subscription required" options below will only be available until July 1, 2020.  However, if I find that students use and enjoy them, I may be able to extend the subscription.  Some of the other resources may only be available through the summer, as well. 

    You'll need log-in information.  If you are interested, email me (BSims@tcss.net) or contact me via Remind and I'll set up a log-in for you.  Here's a fake example using my name9th Period, and ID#48. There are NO spacesNO accent marks, NO punctuation, and NO number sign in either the user name or the password.  

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    Password:    ClassPeriod Spanish Name ClassID#      9Maestra48  

    Learning A-Z  is the source of a lot of our in-class reading materials (all of that stuff in the baskets). There are hundreds of animated audio books to practice reading in Spanish.  After you read a book, there are also reading quizzes, but the questions may be harder to understand than the book you read. The site will record the books you read and the activities you do.  You can even add a book that you really liked to a favorites list.  I only have 35 slots available for this account; they will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis.  Contact me if you are interested and I'll set up a log-in for you as I described above.  Go to my Learning A-Z Info page for details about how to find reading resources in Spanish once you log in to the site.  This will only be available for free for a limited time.

    Story Labs is a collection of CI Spanish stories and activities. There are mini-stories by Bryce Hedstrom, a well-known CI teacher, that have built-in Textivate and Quizlet activities.  There are also complete novels by Virginia Hilderbrant with online activities, printables, and audiobooks!  Contact me if you are interested and I'll set up a log-in for you as I described above.    After I create your account, you will go to StoryLabs.  Enter SpanishNHS for the class code and enter your password.  If you forget your password, you will have to contact me to reset it.   You may want to view the how-to videos here.  This will only be available for free for a limited time.

    Voces Digital Spanish:  Nuestra Historia 1 is a learning platform based on a CI (Comprehensible Input) textbook.  There are practice activities, cultural information, videos, and much more!  To register, contact me and I will set up a log-in for you as I described above. After I create your account, you may log in hereThis will only be available for free for a limited time.

    ¡Así se Dice! is a textbook companion website that offers accompanying activities for our system-wide adopted textbook.  If you are interested in this, contact me for sign-in information.

    Free But May Require Individual Sign-up

    Basho & Friends has catchy songs with a "hip-hop mentality" to teach you Spanish!  There are videos and mini-lessons on topics like the Spanish alphabet, seasons and weather, colors, the body, numbers, days of the week, greetings and feelings, verbs, basic shapes, family, the planets, and the garden (plants, insects, etc.), and the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song!  There are also multiple practice activities, a vocabulary list, and a copy of the lyrics (with translations) for each lesson.  This will only be available for free for a limited time.

    i-Culture has video resources that show you different places around the Spanish-speaking world.  You will need the code ICULTURE4U to sign up.  Each video has subtitles in Spanish.  There are also comprehension questions and links to web-based activities related to the video you watched.  You can search for names of places you already know or that we talked about in class (like Granada, Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, or Segovia).  Once you complete an activity, you can print out the text for the activities as well as your answers. You can also send your answers to your teacher directly from this page. The E-mail button will be active for you to send the answers once they are completed. This will only be available for free for a limited time.

    Benchmark Universe eBook Library offers a 30-day free preview after sign-up.  You will not have a customizable account, but you can access a ton of digital books by signing up for the Free Family eBook Subscription (K-6 Dual Language Library).  There are options to hear the text read TO you by a native speaker.  

    DuoLingo is an excellent, free website, although it is an ads-based language learning platform.  You will have to create an account.  This will be available for as long as you'd care to use it!

    Dreaming in Spanish  is a YouTube channel created by a teacher who uses CI (comprehensible input) to teach Spanish.  There is a wide variety of multi-level videos.  Pablo uses pictures, gestures, real-time drawings to help the listener understand what he's saying.  

    The Spanish Experiment is a collection of well-known children's stories translated into Spanish and spoken by a native Spanish-speaker.  You can read along in Spanish or in English.

    Spanish Games and Stories is a list of interactive games and activities for adults and children.  There are stories, vocabulary and grammar practice, listening practice, and news from the Latin World to practice reading.

    Spanish Resource Library has many links to songs, books, games, movies/shows, simple-language fables, free printables for download and much more. 

    123TeachMe offers resources for studying Spanish online.  There are online games, listening comprehension activities, and a list of resources for students of all ages.

    Other Video Resources

    Señor Peto's Story Listening Videos

    Cho-co-la-te Hand Clapping Game

    Spanish Video Series:  Buena Gente

    Señor Wooly's YouTube Channel

    Class Story Cartoons (student-created)