lightning cloud, text: storm shelters

Storm Shelter Information for Sunday, April 19, 2020

  • Friday, April 17, 2020

    Early weather forecasts for Sunday, April 19 include the potential for severe weather. The Tuscaloosa County School System has storm shelters available for community use when our schools are not in session. Please review the information below to learn how notification will be made as to when these storm shelters will open, rules for community use of storm shelters, and locations.

    Notification of Shelter Opening

    1. Notification to our school community for the opening of community shelters throughout West Alabama will be located on the Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency web site.

    2. Since schools are not in session on Sunday, no one will be maintaining the school office phones.

    3. The timing of the opening of shelters is based upon close monitoring of the fronts moving in to our area with enough notice to get shelters open before dangerous weather arrives. It is almost impossible to provide a time for shelters to open in advance.

    4. It is important to know that some safe rooms are located as part of the main school building. At other locations, there is a separate storm shelter where access is around the back or side of the school. Once on campus, follow the directional signs to locate the entrance to a storm shelter.

    Schools with Storm Shelters (to open if needed Sunday, April 19)

    Big Sandy Elementary, Brookwood High, Buhl Elementary, Holt Elementary, Holt High, Lloyd Wood Education Center, Myrtlewood Elementary, Sipsey Valley Middle

    Guidelines for Community Use of Storm Shelters

    1. No pets are allowed. We love our pets and know their safety is very important, but the overall risk to others (anxiety, allergies, unintended actions by pets who are also scared) is too great for us to allow pets in our storm shelters.
    2. Absolutely no use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal substances on school property.
    3. Weapons are not allowed on school property at any time.
    4. Children under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by an adult.
    5. Staff members are in charge at all times and anyone entering the facility must immediately follow all rules and the directives of staff.
    6. For the protection of all concerned, we cannot allow persons once inside to go in and out of the facility.