• Dual Enrollment Information




      Dual Enrollment Information, Procedures and Deadlines

      1) All students (1st time enrollee's and returning students) MUST complete and return the Dual Enrollment application to Mrs. McGillivray to complete the DE process for UA Early College, Shelton State and/or UNA


      Shelton State Dates:  September 30- December 1


      UA Early College Dates: September 30- December 1


       TCHS Scholarship Deadline NOV 12th- NO EXCEPTIONS


      Who Can Participate:

      10th-12th graders

      12th graders may take DE courses needed for graduation in Fall term only


      Dual Enrollment Qualifications-Shelton State:

      • Must be enrolled in 10th, 11th or 12th grade

      • Provide a copy of your current high school transcript.
        • Minimum 2.5 GPA for academic courses and a 2.0 GPA for technical courses
        • Enrolled in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade
      • Courses must be at or above 100 level.
      • Physical Education (PED), Remedial and Orientation classes are not eligible for dual enrollment.
      • Meet all prerequisite requirements as listed in the SSCC Catalog. Students must submit appropriate ACT, SAT, or College placement scores.

      Dual Enrollment Qualifications-UA Early College

      • Must be enrolled in 10th, 11th or 12th grade

      • Must complete UAEC 200 course before beginning academic courses. UAEC 200 does not count for dual credit.

      • 9th graders moving to 10th grade can apply to UA Early College and take UAEC200 over the Summer and start Core courses in the Fall
      • Must have a 3.0 GPA

      • Apply and follow the steps at this website https://uaearlycollege.ua.edu/ 


      Shelton State Process:

       STEP 1:

      Complete and return the Dual Enrollment participation form to Julie McGillivray r. 1408 or jmcgillivray@tcss.net

      STEP 2: Use the link to start application:


      1. Create a Login ID
      2. Create a PIN = PIN will be 6 digit birthday ( example 122104)
      3. Login and complete application
      4. You will be High School Dual Enrollment

      You will need your Social Security Number to complete the application.

      You will receive an A # once you have completed the application=  TAKE A PICTURE

      You will need your A # to complete the remaining steps


      STEP 3: Use the link to complete the Signature Residency form:


      1. You will need a Government issued ID for this step


      STEP 4: Complete the Dual Enrollment Approval Form:


      1. Check the Academic or Technical Box- if you received a CTE scholarship check Technical
      2. Choose Program of Study- if Academic choose transfer credit, if technical choose appropriate program
      3. Under Counselor Name and Email put Julie McGillivray, jmcgillivray@tcss.net
      4. Attach your transcript- which you can download from INOW
      5. Student Tuition Box-
      • If CTE Scholarship choose Career Technical Box
      • If TCHS Scholarship choose By High School
      • If no Scholarship choose By Parent
      • If parent works at Shelton choose SSCC Employee Waiver
      1. Fill in the courses you are approved to take for the semester- YOU MUST HAVE APPROVAL form Mrs. Mac on the courses you plan to take
      2. Submit Application

      **Once you submit application,  open email and look for Dual Enrollment Sign and Review .

      Sign and Submit , txt parent to look for  Dual Enrollment Sign and Review- they sign and submit, email will come to me to sign and submit-  Once all 3 parties have signed you are approved to take the course.



      UA Early College Process:


      Complete the Dual Enrollment participation packet-  Return to Julie McGillivray r. 1408 or jmcgillivray@tcss.net


      Apply to UA Early College

      Complete an online application and student essay. Ask your school counselor to sign a cover memo and submit it, along with your transcript, to UA Early College. You must be a current sophomore, junior or senior in high school with a 3.0 or higher grade point average (or the equivalent), cumulative since the ninth grade.



      Complete the Cover Memo for High School Transcript and return to Mrs. McGillivray-room 1408


      Take UAEC 200 College Readiness Course

      UAEC 200 teaches you how to be a successful college student. All students are required to pass UAEC 200 to be eligible for any further courses, including online courses as well as the Summer On Campus experience.


      Choose When to Take Classes

      An academic advisor will provide you with a list of specific courses and semester dates. We help you decide when and what classes to take based on your anticipated college major and high school commitments.




       Dual Enrollment Scholarship Opportunities


      TCHS Dual Enrollment Scholarship: DEADLINE NOV 12, 2021- NO EXCEPTIONS

      Funds are available to students who have not previously participated in the TCHS Dual Enrollment Scholarship Program.  Scholarship Funds will pay for one Dual Enrollment course and can only be awarded one time during your enrollment at Tuscaloosa County High.  Books and Extra fees will be the responsibility of the student.    Funds are not guaranteed.  Scholarship applications can be obtained in person from Mrs. McGillivray in room 1408.  


       Shelton State CTE Scholarship:

      „Eligible for tuition payment of two approved Dual Enrollments classes,

      „ Cost of books and fees, may apply if funds are available.

      „ One class must be an APPROVED CTE Course in order to qualify for the CTE scholarship