Geometry with Data Analysis Homepage

  • Hello, welcome to Geometry with Data Analysis! This is definately going to be an interesting year with remote learning starting and becoming reality for many of you. Don't worry, we will figure this out together. I will be here to support you through all the technicial and content related issues. I encourage you to do several things at the begining of the course. 

    1) Have a single notebook that you will keep your geometry notes and work in. It is just much easier to organize a single class in a notebook, and to keep up and find things if they are all in one place. 

    2) If you don't have one already, create a personal email account (I prefer gmail). This will be helpful in signing up for other applications that we will be using this year. 

    3) Sign up for remind by texting your class code to 81010 or by downloading the App. Here are the codes for my schedule:

    Period       Course Title                                   Remind Code

    1st            Geometry w/Data Analysis .            @geo1nhs

    2nd .         AP Computer Science Principles .     @nhs-csp

    3rd .         Geometry w/Data Analysis .             @geo3rdnhs

    4th .         Geometry w/Data Analysis .             @geo4thnhs

    5th .         REACH Advisory (Credit) .                @nhsreach5

    6th .         PREP

    7th .         PREP

    8th .         Geometry w/Data Analysis .             @geo8thnhs

     Link to the syllabus Geometry Syllabus

    Looking forward to a great year! Go Rams!