Devices for Remote Learners

  • What if my student is a Remote Learner but does not have a device at home?

    If a student does not have a computer or device at home, devices will be available for student check-out (subject to availability). Parents/guardians must let their school know that their student needs a device. Once your device is ready for check-out, you will be notified by your school.

    These devices are to be used for educational purposes only. Off-campus students will be required to follow the same rules and procedures that are required for using a TCSS-owned device on-campus. 

    I want to purchase a device to support my student’s learning. What should I buy?

    Windows-based personal computer – desktop or laptop

    Apple device – iPad, Mac laptop or desktop

    iPads should be 5th generation or higher. iPad Minis should be 4th or 5th generation. iPad Air should be 2nd or 3rd generation.

    We do not recommend a Chromebook because we are not a Google for Education district and cannot support those devices. A smart phone is also not an appropriate device.

    Below is a list of the devices we use in our schools:

    • iPad 7th Generation 32 GB Wifi

           Logitech Rugged Combo 3 Keyboard/Case

    • MacBook Air with Retina Display (13”)

           8 GB RAM

           256 GB Storage

    • iMac (Desktop)

           21.5” Display

           8GB RAM

           256GB SSD for storage

    We recommend AppleCare+ for all Apple devices.

    My student is using a TCSS-owned device for remote learning, and the device is broken or malfunctioning. What should I do? 

    We value the opportunity to loan electronic devices, such as laptops and iPads, to our students. We are thankful we have been able to purchase thousands of new devices over the past few months, in order to facilitate remote learning. We appreciate the cooperation of our students and families in keeping these devices in good working order. 

    In the event that a TCSS-owned electronic device that is on loan to you becomes broken or is malfunctioning, due to any circumstance, you must take the appropriate steps to have the device evaluated. The steps are outlined below:

    1. Return the device to an administrator at your school.
    2. The administrator (or staff member designated by the administrator) will submit an Information Technology Service Request for the device.
    3. The TCSS Information Technology Department will determine if the device should be repaired or replaced. TCSS computer technicians are Apple Certified. They are the only individuals authorized to work on TCSS-owned electronic devices.   

    Repairs done by an individual or by a repair shop (computer store, screen repair shop, etc.) void the warranty and do not serve as a substitute for the repair cost outlined in the Terms of Use. This procedure includes devices that are damaged when checked out to students or while used in the classroom. Taking the device to an unauthorized service provider may end up costing the individual who checked out the device a greater amount in repair or replacement costs.

    We appreciate your cooperation and care in maintaining our electronic devices. Please contact your school administrator or the TCSS Information Technology Department for further information or assistance.