Select Your Learning Option for Second Nine Weeks by Monday, September 28

  • Students have the option at each nine weeks to determine if they will be an on-campus learner or a remote learner. Students will begin their status (on-campus or remote) for second nine weeks on Monday, October 19. 

    Information for Current (First Nine Weeks) Remote Learners

    Current remote learners must inform their school no later than Monday, September 28, by Noon, of their status for the second nine weeks. Current remote learners must use this survey link to let your school know your decision. Once a student has made their selection of on-campus learning or remote learning for second nine weeks, the next opportunity to make a change will be for the third nine weeks. 

    Survey in Spanish/en Español

    Schools need to know how many students will be on campus and how many will be learning remotely, in order to plan and allocate resources. This is why your school must know your student’s plans several weeks before the start of the second nine weeks.

    In the second nine weeks, TCSS will be implementing the Edgenuity online learning platform for remote learners. While many aspects will remain the same for remote learners, remote learners must be prepared to learn about and adapt to the new platform, through information provided by TCSS. Visit this page for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Edgenuity. Edgenuity is a robust online learning platform that will make remote learning more efficient and effective for students and teachers.

    Visit this page for more information about Edgenuity and video examples of the platform.

    If you have specific questions about whether your student should remain a remote learner in the second nine weeks, please discuss those questions with your school’s administration.

    Information for Current (First Nine Weeks) On-Campus Learners

    Current on-campus learners who wish to become remote learners for the second nine weeks must speak with their school's administration. The above links are not for current on-campus learners.