Second Nine Weeks: Important Upcoming Dates

  • October 13, 2020

    As we look toward the start of our second nine weeks, TCSS students and families should be aware of several key dates and other important information.

    Friday, October 16: E-Learning Day for All TCSS Students

    Friday, October 16, 2020 will be an E-Learning Day for all students in the Tuscaloosa County School System. All students, both on-campus and remote, will learn from home on this day. Students should not report to their school campus on this day. Faculty and staff should report to their schools/work sites as normal.

    October 16 also marks the first day of our second nine weeks grading period. This will be a time of transition for our schools, as some students will be changing their learning option (on-campus or remote) for the second nine weeks. This day will be an opportunity for faculty and staff to prepare for the second nine weeks. Some faculty and staff will receive professional development on this day, as we continue to refine our system of providing both on-campus and remote learning for our students this year.

    On-campus learners will receive specific information from their individual schools and teachers about assignments for the E-Learning Day. Students who do not have access to an electronic device will be provided paper assignments.

    All remote learners for second nine weeks will be required to complete a virtual orientation session, which is required to move forward as a remote learner, as well as any other assigned coursework on the E-Learning Day. Remote learners will receive more information about the orientation session prior to Friday.

    Monday, October 19

    This will be the first day back on campus for first nine weeks remote learners, who are returning to on-campus learning for second nine weeks. First nine weeks on-campus learners who will continue as on-campus learners for second nine weeks should report to school as normal on this day.

    Information for Second Nine Weeks Remote Learners

    Please visit this page for important information for second nine weeks remote learners.

    Friday, October 30

    This is the last day for second nine weeks remote learners to change their learning option to on-campus learning. After this date, remote learners must remain remote for the remainder of the nine weeks.