Information for Second Nine Weeks Remote Learners

  • October 13, 2020 

    In the second nine weeks, TCSS remote learners will begin using the Edgenuity online learning platform, in addition to the Schoology platform they have become familiar with in the first nine weeks.

    Remote learners will also begin working with a remote learning coach at their school. The remote learning coach is a designated faculty member(s) at each school who monitors remote students' academic progress and attendance. The remote learning coach is generally the first and main point of contact at the school for remote learners. Individual schools will let remote students know who their remote learning coach is.

    In the Expectations & Requirements of TCSS Remote Learners document (link below), remote learners will find more information about the specific uses of Edgenuity and Schoology. They will also find more information about working with their remote learning coach, as well as measures to ensure remote learners do not fall behind in their learning.

    Second nine weeks remote learners, and their parents/guardians, should review this document, as well as the document titled Expectations & Requirements of Parents/Guardians of TCSS Remote Learners.

    This section of our web site also includes more information about Edgenuity and links to videos about Edgenuity.

    All second nine weeks remote learners, along with their parents/guardians, must complete a virtual orientation session on Friday, October 16. The session can be completed at any time on that day. 

    Visit this page to access the orientation and for more information on completing the orientation.

    Friday, October 30 will be the last day for second nine weeks remote learners to change their learning option to on-campus learning. After this date, remote learners must remain remote for the remainder of the nine weeks.

    Expectations & Requirements of TCSS Remote Learners

    Expectations & Requirements of Parents/Guardians of TCSS Remote Learners