Orientation for TCSS Remote Learners & Parents/Guardians

  • Remote Learners and their parents/guardians are required to complete an online orientation. If you have already completed this orientation for a previous nine weeks period, it is not necessary to complete it again at the start of a new nine weeks, unless your school instructs you to do so. 

    To access the orientation, visit the TCSS Safe Schools web site.

    Log in by using your Office 365 user name. For example, if your TCSS email address is joe.smith5678@tcss.net, you would log in by entering: joe.smith5678

    There is no password required.

    You will then be presented with training sessions available to you. You should click on the training session titled "Orientation for TCSS Remote Learners and Parents/Guardians."

    The orientation is the same for both students and parents/guardians. There is no parent/guardian log in name, just the student log in name.

    Steps of Orientation and Important Notes:

    1. The first link within the orientation will launch a document. You may have to click on your Downloads folder to see the document.

    2. This document will contain a link to a PowerPoint presentation. Again, you may have to open your Downloads folder to see the presentation file. You will view the PowerPoint presentation. It is important to view the presentation in "Slide Show" mode. Do this by choosing "Slide Show" on the top menu bar in PowerPoint, and then choose "Play from Start."

    3. When you reach the last slide of the presentation, there will be a link that will allow you to watch a video. In order for the video link to work, you must be viewing the PowerPoint presentation in "Slide Show" mode.

    4. After you have viewed the PowerPoint presentation and video, you will take a brief assessment.

    Once you have completed the orientation and taken the assessment, the Safe Schools system will notify your school that you have completed the orientation.