• Health Science Internship Application

    Health Science Internship is a class offered to Seniors that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for becoming a health care worker.  It involves clinical experience and lots of hands on simulated learning.  It also offers the opportunity to earn an credential that would open you up to job opportunities with additional pay because of your credentials. 

    The only prerequisite for the class currently is a credit in Foundations of Health. 

    This class will be offered second semester of the students Senior year and will consist of two blocked periods.  Once our Covid restrictions are lifted, students will be required to drive to a clinical site.  You may NOT ride with another student.  You must be able to drive yourself and have the transportation to do so. 

    Classes are held at the Brookwood Career Tech Annex, but clinical sites may be at any local hospital, veterinary clinic, dentist office and any other facility that offers us an opportunity to learn. 

    You may email your application to lnbentley@tcss.net, turn it in to myself or Mrs. Taylor or leave it in the office to be placed in my box. 

    Feel free to email any questions!

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