TCSS Celebrates #TeamNBCT Week & Our National Board Certified Teachers

  • March 11, 2021

    This week marks #TeamNBCT Week, a time to celebrate all National Board Certified Teachers! In order to become certified through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, teachers complete a performance-based, peer-reviewed process, demonstrating their proven impact on student learning and achievement. This is a rigorous process. 

    Nationwide, more than 2,500 teachers achieved National Board Certification this year. This year's class of new NBCTs includes six TCSS teachers. This is always an impressive achievement, especially during a year with so many unexpected challenges. In all, TCSS is proud to have 62 educators who hold National Board Certification. Below is the full list of TCSS educators who hold National Board Certification. We appreciate their dedication to their students and to the profession of teaching.

    In celebration of #TeamNBCT Week, TCSS and the Tuscaloosa Education Foundation made congraulatory presentations this week to our new NBCTs. TCSS thanks TEF and Jalapeno's restaurants for making these presentations possible. See photos of our new NBCTs and the presentations in the gallery above.

    Learn more about the distinction of National Board Certification and the rigorous process to achieve certification.

    TCSS National Board Certified Teachers

    Catherine Anderson - Collins-Riverside Middle

    Laura Barnes - Vance Elementary

    Laura Bechtel - Northport Elementary

    Jennifer Bible - Northside High

    Robin Blackburn - Lake View Elementary

    Rachel Brown - Holt Elementary

    Selena Case - Northport Elementary

    Whitney Childers - Big Sandy Elementary

    Summer Christman - Crestmont Elementary

    Amy Ridgeway Clark - Westwood Elementary

    Laurie Copeland - Echols Middle

    Karen Daggert - Flatwoods Elementary

    Sherry Drake - Echols Middle

    Stephanie Egan - Vance Elementary

    Susan Farabee - Hillcrest High

    Jolynn Fenton - Brookwood Elementary

    Ashley Frith - Taylorville Primary

    Jennifer Frye - Brookwood High

    Emily Glasgow - Buhl Elementary

    Lindsey Hall -  Flatwoods Elementary

    Lindy Hamner - Big Sandy Elementary

    Melissa Hannah - Westwood Elementary

    Kimberly Harvey- Sipsey Valley High

    Tracy Hinton - Hillcrest Middle

    Suzanne Holt - Collins-Riverside Middle

    Marsha Johnson - Walker Elementary

    Stacey Johnson - Vance Elementary

    Rebecca Kennedy Johnson - Holt Elementary

    Emma Gray Keith - Faucett-Vestavia Elementary

    Ronda Kimbrough - Maxwell Elementary

    Alyson Lamb - Taylorville Primary

    Erika Ashley Lawrence - Vance Elementary

    Leslie Marquis - Northport Elementary

    Laurie Mayo - Northport Elementary

    Julie McKinnon - Vance Elementary

    Sara Ogonowski - Walker Elementary

    Jaime Pate - Northport Elementary

    Amy Perkins - Vance Elementary

    Kylie Phillips - Buhl Elementary

    Tammy Plowman - Sipsey Valley Middle

    Deanna Poe - Huntington Place Elementary

    Rachel Pucko - Northport Elementary

    Marian Reese - Westwood Elementary

    Tracy Rodgers - Northside High

    Pamela Rogowski - Flatwoods Elementary

    Dana Roy - Vance Elementary

    Christine Schwartz - Flatwoods Elementary

    Holly Shepherd - Duncanville Middle

    Shay Singley - Taylorville Primary

    Rebecca Sittason - Faucett-Vestavia Elementary

    Kristy Smith - Echols Middle

    Kristina Stevenson - Holt Elementary

    Sarah Stroud - Northport Elementary

    Ashley Thomas - Big Sandy Elementary

    Amanda Thurber - Vance Elementary

    Dominique Tortorice - Holt Elementary

    Tiffany Turner - Maxwell Elementary

    Leslie VanSlambrouck - Cottondale Elementary

    Gail Watkins - Taylorville Primary School

    Mary White - Northport Elementary

    Carolyn Wilson - Vance Elementary

    Leta Foster Wilson - Taylorville Primary