Final Design Approved for Road at Northport Elementary & Northport Intermediate

  • March 29, 2021

    At the March 29 Board of Education meeting, the Board voted to approve the final design for the road at Northport Intermediate School and Northport Elementary School.

    The approved design widens Frankie Thomas Trace, coming from Rose Boulevard. It does not add a connection behind Northport Elementary School. It utilizes the existing roadway network and proposed roads immediately adjacent to the NIS building.

    More specifically, the approved design:

    • Widens Frankie Thomas Trace to five lanes (four inbound and one outbound) from the Northport Elementary School Loop to the southern end of the TCHS Track & Field.
    • Realigns the intersection of Frankie Thomas Trace and the NES Loop to be a traditional four-leg intersection.
    • Constructs a right-turn only slip lane from Frankie Thomas Trace southbound to Rose Boulevard westbound.
    • Reconfigures the NIS and NES Loop exit driveways to allow staff to enter.

    View an image of the design.

    The work is projected to be completed in time for the start of school in August.

    Prior to the start of school, parents/guardians, students, and faculty/staff at Northport Elementary, Northport Intermediate, and Tuscaloosa County High will receive much greater detail about traffic patterns and other information for those who travel in the area.

image of NIS/NES road. Description is provided in text on this page.