Meet the New Principals - Myrtlewood Elementary, Holt High, Northport Intermediate

  • June 17, 2021

    As we look toward the new school year, we’re proud to introduce three leaders who will be in new roles as school principals this year.

photo of Mrs. LaQuita Coleman; text: Meet the Principal, Myrtlewood Elementary
photo of Mr. Luther Riley; text: Meet the Principal, Mr. Luther Riley, Holt High
photo of Mr. Tilford; text: Meet the Principal, Mr. Michael Tilford, Northport Intermediate
  • Mrs. LaQuita Coleman - Myrtlewood Elementary School

    Mrs. LaQuita Coleman is the new Principal of Myrtlewood Elementary School. Prior to joining Myrtlewood, Mrs. Coleman served as Vance Elementary Assistant Principal for three years. Before she became an administrator, Mrs. Coleman served as a reading specialist at Vance Elementary and a teacher at Matthews Elementary. Mrs. Coleman holds an Educational Specialist degree and is a graduate of both The University of Alabama and The University of West Alabama.

    Mr. Luther Riley - Holt High School

    Mr. Luther Riley is the new Principal of Holt High School. Mr. Riley joined Holt High as Assistant Principal in September 2020. Prior to joining TCSS, Mr. Riley served as an administrator, teacher, and basketball coach at several schools in Mississippi. Mr. Riley has coached multiple championship-winning basketball teams, and has also coached at the collegiate level. He holds an Educational Specialist degree and is a graduate of Mississippi Valley State University, Alcorn State, and Mississippi College.

    Mr. Michael Tilford - Northport Intermediate School

    Mr. Michael Tilford is Principal of the new Northport Intermediate School, which opens to students in August. Mr. Tilford comes to Northport Intermediate from Myrtlewood Elementary, where he was Principal from 2017 to 2021. Prior to joining Myrtlewood, Mr. Tilford served as an Assistant Principal at both the middle school and high school levels, and he also taught fifth and sixth grades. Mr. Tilford holds degrees from both The University of Alabama and Shippensburg University.