• August 5, 2021
    Welcome back! The school year officially kicked off Thursday, August 5, for our TCSS faculty and staff.
    All of our educators and support professionals began the day by joining together from our 35 schools for Institute Day 2021. We were honored to hear the incredible and inspiring story of Mrs. Liz Huntley, who is an an attorney, author, child advocate, and advocate for the importance of education. Mrs. Huntley credits educators for changing the course of her life. Mrs. Huntley describes the small, but powerful actions of her teachers, that made a huge difference in her life. Thank you to Mrs. Huntley for her moving reminder of just how important our schools are in our students’ lives.
    Mrs. Huntley is also the co-founder of The Hope Institute. The Hope Institute is a wonderful partner to our school system in helping create a culture of character in our schools. Read more about The Hope Institute here, and learn more about Mrs. Liz Huntley at her web site.