Extra Opp
  • Here at DMS, we have many motivated band students who are capable of being recognized as one of the best in the area and even the state. Some of these events take an extra audition or placement and include an invitation to represent DMS at an Honor Band. All of these events are optional but students are encouraged to attend. Coaching is available to help students succeed at any event they set out for.

    Events and Opportunities

    District and All State

    In order to recognized as one of the top performing band students in West Alabama and/or the state of Alabama, students will audition at Brookwood High School on January 29. Students will play their scales, two prepared etudes, and be asked to sight read. The best scores will be given the opportunity to perform at the District Honor Band (February 18-19) and the top tier will be invited to All State Honor Band (April 7-9). A confirmation of registration for the audition will be by January 6th along with a small fee of $15 to audition.

    TCSS All County

    TCSS is continuing the tradition of offering an honor band event free of charge for students who want an introduction to the honor band experience. This event will require a small playing audition to rank students but will not exclude students who want to participate. This event is scheduled for April 1-2.

    University of Alabama Middle School Honor Band

    Most of the colleges and Universities around the state offer an honor band event for students. Due to proximity, we will send students to UA's event. Students will have to be recommended for this opproutnity but should express interest to Ms. Mason by October. The event usually runs the first or second weekend in December. The event not only includes the traditional honor band experience of learning new music with a world-class teacher but also includes coaching by University professors on their instrument. There is a fee that is payed directly to UA for participation in this event.

    Solo and Ensemble

    Students can perform as a small group or as an individual to receive comments and a score from judges. This is a fun opportunity to perform outside of the traditional full band setting and is a great learning environment as students receive comments on what they are doing well and what can be improved. If students receive an overall "Superior" rating, they will receive a medal. This event will take place on April 23 at Brookwood High School.

    Scale Club

    Any student who can successfully play all 12 major scales from memory for Ms. Mason will be inducted into the scale club. Students will be able to sign the Scale Club Wall in the band room, have their name announced on the intercom, and receive a DMS Scale Club t-shirt.