Traffic Pattern/Car Rider Information for NIS & NES

  • Thursday Afternoon Update:

    It was good to see everyone today! Thank you for your patience, as we work to refine our new traffic flow procedures for NES and NIS car riders. After our first day of drop-off and pick-up, here are a few important reminders.

    • We ask that you do not use your cell phone while driving in and around the carpool area. This is a major safety concern and puts safety at risk for everyone involved. Please help us keep our NES and NIS community safe!
    • Please do not cut through the parking lot on the west side of Northport Intermediate. This creates a safety issue for students and bus drivers. 
    • Do not use the access road between NES and Tuscaloosa County High School. This is reserved for buses only.
    • If you have students at both NES and NIS, please pick-up/drop-off the Northport Elementary student first and the Northport Intermediate student second. Use the images and directions on this page for traffic flow information at both schools.

    Thank you for your patience and help as we establish our new routines!


    We are excited to open Northport Intermediate School this year! If you have a student at Northport Intermediate, Northport Elementary, or both schools, please take note of this information about traffic patterns at both schools. The information is included in the PDF on this page, as well as in the images below. Please be patient and allow extra time as everyone learns the new traffic patterns.

    Northport Intermediate and Northport Elementary Traffic Pattern Information

Car Rider information sheet 1 (available in PDF on this page)
Car Rider information sheet 2 (available in PDF on this page)
Car Rider information sheet 3 (available in PDF on this page)
Car Rider information sheet 4 (available in PDF on this page)