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    Congratulations, You made the team! Now, let's get eligible to play!


    Now that you have made the team, you must complete the remainder of the Alabama High School Athletic Association athlete paperwork to be eligible to compete on your sports team.


    • Step 1: Create A Dragon Fly Account
      • Click the link below for instructions 
        • DragonFly Sign Up Sheet
          • You may skip this step if:
            1. You participate on a sports team this year whose season is currently in play or over.
            2. You already have a DragonFly Account from the previous year.
    • Step 2: Complete and upload the necessary paperwork to become eligible.
      • You may fill out this paperwork by doing any of the following:
        1. Filling out the form electronically in DragonFly
        2. Printing the form off, take a picture with your phone, upload to DragonFly using the app on your phone.
        3. Turn the form into your child's athletic coach. 
    • STEP 2 Continued: What forms do I need?
      1. AHSAA Preparticipation and Physical Form (Must be sign and dated by M.D. or O.D.)
        1. This should have been turned into coach during tryout unless it expired during the season. If you need a new preparticipation and physical please click the link below for a blank form
          1. AHSAA Preparticipation Form
          2. AHSAA Physical Form
            • Upload both forms with signatures of parent(s) and student athlete. 
              NOTE: Both forms must be updated together each year.

      2. Copy of Birth Certificate
        1. Upload copy to DragonFly

      3. NFHS Sportmanship TestClick the link below
        1. NFHS Sportmandship Test
          • Upload Certificate to DragonFly
            NOTE: The Sportsmanship Certificate awarded at the completion of the course must have the name of the student athlete.

      4. AHSAA Concussion Form- Click the link below 
        1. AHSAA Concussion Form 21-22
          • Upload form with signatures of parent and student athlete

      5. AHSAA Participant Agreement Form- Click the link below 
        1. AHSAA Participation Agreement 21-22
          • Upload form with signatures of parent and student athlete