Message from the Superintendent

  • September 17, 2021

    TCSS Parents and Guardians,

    You may be aware of a disturbing new social media challenge called “Devious Licks.” The challenge is to damage school property or steal items from a school, and then post the footage online to gain TikTok notoriety. Unfortunately, this trend is causing very real and expensive problems for schools across the nation and in our state.

    Parents and guardians, please use this as an opportunity to discuss with your students the real world dangers and consequences that come with actions posted on social media. If a student is caught participating in this “challenge,” the student will face disciplinary action, and there could be legal ramifications. Not only does this behavior result in significant monetary losses for schools, the time spent to investigate an incident like this is time taken away from the mission of our schools – to educate students. We will not tolerate complete disregard for student safety and the learning environment that so many people work hard to provide.

    Thank you for taking the time to discuss this important issue with your student.


    Keri C. Johnson, Ed.D.