• November 18, 2021
    This year, our schools are participating in a system-wide focus on Warm Welcomes.
    The goal is for each student to receive four welcomes from four different people, everyday. Everyone plays a part in making this happen - teachers, administrators, support professionals, and of course, other students!
    The purpose is to help each student build relationships throughout their school, so everyone knows they are noticed and valued. Ultimately, this supports a culture where students learn, grow, and achieve.
    Our focus on Warm Welcomes is just one aspect of a new partnership between TCSS and The University of Alabama’s Whole Child initiative.
    A Whole Child is one who is academically successful, with positive mental and social health. These students achieve higher graduation rates, contribute to the community, and lead productive lives.
    Whole Child is not just a new program or addition to our school system. Instead, Whole Child provides a framework for the many activities our schools are already doing, which support the academic success and social, emotional, and mental health of our students.
    TCSS will be working with Dr. Greg Benner and his team at UA, as we implement the Whole Child framework in our system. Dr. Benner has successfully implemented the Whole Child framework in schools for more than a decade. 
    The mission of Whole Child is sustainable change in schools and communities so every child is whole—healthy, safe, challenged, supported, and engaged.