School Traffic Flow Update

  • January 11, 2022

    Walker Elementary Family, 

    As many of you have noticed, there are four lanes painted in the PARA parking lot. While we knew this process was going to happen, I did not know exact details or timing of the work. With that said, we are very excited about this process, as we believe this will help with the flow of traffic on Northside Road and Highway 43. 

    Afternoon Dismissal Information

    Starting this afternoon (Tuesday, January 11) during dismissal, we ask that you follow our normal dismissal procedures.  We will fill the front parking lot as normal.  The overflow will continue to pull on the side of the road.  Once the overflow reaches the entrance to the PARA parking lot, additional cars will begin to fill those four lanes. 

    We will follow normal dismissal procedures of loading and exiting the campus.  School personnel will be in the upper (front of school) parking lot and in the lower (PARA) parking lot to direct the flow of traffic. 

    Morning Arrival Information

    We will follow the same procedures as normal.  When the overflow of traffic reaches the entrance to the PARA parking lot, please begin filling it in.  This will take some trial and error because the buses do not all arrive at the same time.  There will be school personnel to direct the flow of traffic. 

    Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the safety of our children and the flow of traffic!

    Marsha Johnson