• January 12, 2022
    We are proud of the work of our TCSS Career Technical Education Program, in leading the way for Modern Manufacturing education in our state!
    Recently, the Brookwood Career Tech Annex hosted a group of state legislators, state education officials, and industry leaders, to get a firsthand look at the Modern Manufacturing program, and talk with students about their experiences.
    This program was created, through collaboration among TCSS, West Alabama Works, the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, and local industry, as a way to prepare students to meet the needs of industry in our community. Today, the TCSS Modern Manufacturing Program is serving as the model for other Alabama school systems, as well as schools from other states, as they develop their own modern manufacturing programs.
    Also through support from West Alabama Works and the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, the former Brookwood High School was converted to the Brookwood Career Tech Annex. This facility houses not only the Modern Manufacturing Program, but programs such as Health Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, and Logistics, preparing students for a variety of opportunities after high school.