2022-2023 TCSS Academic Calendar Approved

  • The Tuscaloosa County Board of Education has approved the 2022-2023 TCSS Academic Calendar. Thank you to all who participated in our recent academic calendar surveys, and to the faculty and staff members from across our system, who served on the calendar development committee. Visit this page for results from the calendar survey, as well as requirements and key considerations for planning our calendar.

    The 2022-2023 Academic Calendar is similar to the calendar we have in place for this school year. While no calendar can meet everyone's preferences, the approved calendar meets the top priorities identified by the calendar survey: having two weeks for Winter Break, ending school before Memorial Day, and having a Fall Break.

    Survey results on the draft version of the calendar resulted in the change of January 2, 2023, from a Professional Development Day to a Teacher Work Day. A return date of January 2 for faculty was necessary to create a calendar that met the required number of faculty days, and still met top priorities identified by the initial survey. By having January 2 as a Teacher Work Day, a faculty/staff member would not miss professional development activities, in the event that they must use a Personal Day on January 2.

    View the 2022-2023 Academic Calendar.

Image of Academic Calendar, available as a PDF on this page