• The week of April 4 - 8 marks National Assistant Principals Week 2022. TCSS is thankful for the hard work and service of our assistant principals, and for their dedication to our students. TCSS students and families, please take time to let your assistant principal know how much you appreciate them! Our TCSS Assistant Principals are listed below, in the order in which their pictures appear in the gallery above.

    TCSS Assistant Principals

    Brookwood Career Tech Annex Administrator - Dr. Tripp Marshall

    Brookwood Elementary Assistant Principal - Ashley Leath

    Brookwood High Assistant Principal - Tiffney Kizziah

    Brookwood High Assistant Principal - Dr. Douglas Milligan

    Brookwood Middle Assistant Principal - Susan Gossett

    Brookwood Middle Assistant Principal - Brent Rogers

    Collins-Riverside Intermediate Assistant Principal - Dr. Dorothiann Martin

    Davis-Emerson Middle Assistant Principal - Travis Storey

    Duncanville Middle Assistant Principal - Lesley Payne

    Echols Middle Assistant Principal - Laurie Copeland

    Echols Middle Assistant Principal - Dominic Ingram

    Englewood Elementary Assistant Principal - Jodi Wilson

    Holt Elementary Assistant Principal - Laurie Presley

    Holt High Assistant Principal - Carmen Drinkard

    Hillcrest High Assistant Principal - Cheryl Morrow

    Hillcrest High Assistant Principal - Brad Armstrong

    Hillcrest High Assistant Principal - Kevin Thomas

    Hillcrest Middle Assistant Principal - Kyle Oden

    Huntington Place Elementary Assistant Principal - Belinda Jones

    Lake View Elementary Assistant Principal - Leah Colley

    Matthews Elementary Assistant Principal - Dedre Warren

    Maxwell Elementary Assistant Principal - Aaron Tennyson

    Northport Career Tech Annex Serving Northside, TCHS, and Sipsey Valley Administrator - Marlon Murray

    Northport Elementary Assistant Principal - Clarissa Riedel

    Northport Intermediate School Assistant Principal - Dr. Jessica Sartain

    Northside High Assistant Principal - Lindsey Thompson

    Northside Middle Assistant Principal - Amanda Wolfe

    Sipsey Valley High Assistant Principal - Jeremy Perkins

    Sipsey Valley Middle Assistant Principal - Dr. Cay Strickland

    Tuscaloosa County High Assistant Principal - Danny Jordan

    Tuscaloosa County High Assistant Principal - Hannah Costanzo

    Taylorville Primary Assistant Principal - Nicholas Rose

    Vance Elementary Assistant Principal - Candace Cherry

    Walker Elementary Assistant Principal - Lisa Hembree