• May 6, 2022
    This year, more than 250 TCSS students submitted artwork to be considered as the design for our TCSS Cares Mental Health Awareness T-shirt. While two designs were chosen for the T-shirt, all students who participated contributed to the ultimate goal of spreading the message of how important mental health is. 
    Drawings by Tuscaloosa County High students Alexandra Jones and Haley Snell were selected for the front and back of the shirt. TCHS student Elijah Penner, Northport Intermediate student Karlos Jacinto, and Brookwood High student Brandon Schlesner were finalists in the design contest. Their artwork, along with other student submissions, will be featured on posters in our schools, on our social media pages, and here on our TCSS web site. Thank you to our students for highlighting the importance of mental health awareness!
    Our school counselors and school social workers are here to help students and families struggling with difficult situations or mental health issues. If you know someone who needs help, please reach out to them or talk to someone at your school who can connect them with the resources they need.