• Enrolling In A Tuscaloosa County School:     Homeless / Unaccompanied Youth Students
    Children who are zoned to attend the Tuscaloosa County schools and who are homeless/unaccompanied youth will have access to a free, appropriate education.  McKinney-Vento students and/or their parent(s) or guardian(s) should contact the TCSS Homeless Liaison designee, at (205) 342-2749 or (205) 342-2754.
    Enrolling In A Tuscaloosa County School:     Immunizations
    Immunization certificates, required by Alabama law, must be presented to the Principal before a child can enroll in public school.  Certificates are available from local physicians or local health departments.  Only students presenting a Certificate of Medical Exemption or A certificate of Regious Exemption are excused from this requirement.