Message to Our TCSS Community

  • February 10, 2023

    TCSS Students, Families, Faculty, and Staff,

    You may have heard news reports this week about a student walkout at Hillcrest High School. The Tuscaloosa County School System supports our students’ right to peacefully demonstrate and to use their voice to advocate for change.

    Some students expressed concerns that not all parts of history would be included in the Black History Month/Unity Program at Hillcrest High School. This program is student-created and student-led. TCSS supports our students in expressing themselves, and including all parts of history, such as slavery and the civil rights movement, in their program. We also teach these topics in our history classes, as they are part of the Alabama State Department of Education history standards.

    A number of Hillcrest High students have also expressed concerns about the culture within their school. We care deeply about our students, and it is important that their concerns are heard. We are putting together a plan to make sure our Hillcrest High students have an opportunity to express their concerns openly and honestly. Listening to them will let us know the right steps to take to ensure all students know they are valued. This work will begin Monday.


    Dr. Keri C. Johnson