• July 3, 2023
    Davis-Emerson Middle School Principal Dr. Lucretia Prince recently took the stage at the 2023 Model Schools Conference, hosted by the International Center for Leadership in Education.
    Dr. Prince’s session “The Missing Pieces” focused on the importance of climate, culture, and relationships in creating ongoing improvement in a school. Dr. Prince was invited back to Model Schools this year as a Featured Speaker, after leading a top-rated session at last year’s Model Schools Conference.
    Educators from across the country come to the Model Schools Conference to hear from colleagues who are putting innovative strategies to work in their schools. We are proud to have educators in the Tuscaloosa County School System who are not only leading their schools, but also sharing their knowledge to benefit students everywhere.
    This presentation was one of two sessions at the 2023 Model Schools Conference featuring TCSS educators. Visit this page to learn about the other presentation.