What Is TCSS Connect?

  • 2023-2024 TCSS Connect Student & Family Handbook

    Through TCSS Connect, every student in the Tuscaloosa County School System, grades kindergarten through 12, has an iPad assigned to them, to support their learning. Through TCSS Connect, each student has one device assigned to them, for their use only.

    Once our TCSS students become graduates, they will be a part of workplaces and educational programs that will expect them to be proficient and confident in incorporating technology into their work. An instructional model where every student has their own device helps us better prepare our students for their future. More and more school systems across the nation are moving to this type of technology initiative, and we’re proud to be able to make this available to our TCSS students. In the Tuscaloosa County School System, we strive to be a creative, connected community of learners. This is the purpose of TCSS Connect. 

TCSS Connect - Updates for 2023-2024

  • Please visit this link to review the 2023-2024 TCSS Connect Student & Family Handbook. The handbook contains updates for this school year. Some of the most significant updates are highlighted below. 

    iPad Protection Coverage

    iPad Protection Coverage is now a fee applied to every student’s account. However, the coverage is still optional. If you do not wish to purchase the coverage, do not pay the fee, and it will be waived once the payment window closes.

    If you wish to purchase the iPad Protection Coverage, you have until October 6, 2023, to pay the $50 fee on your student’s account. Students who enroll on or after September 11, 2023, will have four weeks from their enrollment date to pay the fee.

    If you do not wish to purchase the protection coverage, the fee will be waived on the day after the payment window closes.

    The iPad Protection Coverage does not cover the charging block or charging cable.

    The iPad Protection Coverage can be used only once. After that, any damages are assessed at the full cost, as outlined in the handbook. 

    Multi-Factor Authentification

    This year students will be required to use Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA. MFA uses more than one step to verify your identity when you login to an account online. MFA will be required when a student uses a non-TCSS device to access a site that uses the Microsoft username and password. TCSS-issued iPad should not require MFA whether at home or school. Instructions will be distributed before this change takes effect.

    Digital Citizenship Partnership

    We invite families to be a part of our Digital Citizenship Partnership. TCSS will be piloting a more robust Digital Citizenship curriculum this year. One part of that plan will be providing monthly tip sheets to parents/guardians to help facilitate age-appropriate conversations with their students.

    TCSS Student Pledge for iPad Use

    Be sure to review the TCSS Student Pledge for iPad Use with your student. This is located at the end of the handbook. Students will be reviewing this mid-August and signing it before iPads are distributed.

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