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    End of Year Exam update.........PLEASE READ
    Parents: To help relieve a little stress and for the best interest of our students NMS has updated the End of Year Exam schedule: Please see the NEW SCHEDULE BELOW:
    Monday May 20th- 5-6 period exams
    Tuesday May 21st- 3-4 period exams
    Wednesday May 22- 1-2 period exams
    Thursday May 23rd- Last day of school for students.
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    We would like to welcome you to Northside Middle School: Our goal is very simple; We want our students to Learn, Grow, and Achieve. At Northside Middle School, we will show students how much we care for them through our expectations of them. We expect our students to take rigorous courses. We expect them to respect one another. We expect parents to be equal partners in their children's learning. We expect our students to do their best! Our school is a small school that allows us to give families the personal attention they deserve. Our doors are always open for you to come in and visit. It is very important for you to know what your child is learning. It is our hope that you will frequently visit our school website, as well as our school , to keep abreast of your child's classroom assignments, well-being, and progress.



    To All Northside Rams- Students, Parents, Community Leaders, Friends and Neighbors,


    It is with great pleasure that I write to you today. My life long career has been serving as an educator in the role of special education teacher, school guidance counselor, assistant principal and now serving as the Principal of Northside Middle School. It is a blessing to me and to my family to have been chosen for this opportunity.


    By accepting this responsibility, I feel the most important factor contributing to the success of Northside Middle School will be to develop long lasting and meaningful relationships. That being said, I am honored to join the Northside Community Family as I meet and work with each and every one of you. My door is always open. Please feel free to visit or contact me at anytime.


    Go Rams!

    Autumn M. Franks


    Northside Middle School  



    End of Year Exam update.........PLEASE READ
    Parents: To help relieve a little stress and for the best interest of our students,
    NMS has updated the End of Year Exam schedule:
    Please see the NEW SCHEDULE BELOW:
    Monday May 20th- 5-6 period exams
    Tuesday May 21st- 3-4 period exams
    Wednesday May 22- 1-2 period exams
    Thursday May 23rd- Last day of school for students.












    Alabama State Report Card

    Message from the Superintendent

    February 1, 2018

    In 2012, the Alabama legislature secured a bi-partisan vote that created the Legislative School Performance Recognition Program Act – Act No. 2012-402, which legally requires a letter grade assessment to be assigned to most Alabama public schools. In accordance with this law, as well as the requirements from the federal Alabama’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Alabama school officials have worked to create the “Alabama State Report Card”.


    Today, the Alabama State Department of Education released the “Alabama State Report Card” for each school and school system in Alabama. The purpose of this report card is to provide parents and the community-at-large a look at our schools and to share part of the story about what is happening. In the Tuscaloosa County School System, we welcome accountability and the transparency expected for our schools. Just as no one score or overall grade can truly describe the full measure of effectiveness of a student, school, or any other entity, the “Alabama State Report Card” is a beginning.


    The effectiveness of our schools is a shared effort and responsibility – by teachers, staff members, administrators, parents, students, and the community-at-large. Our faculty and staff members work hard each day to provide a positive learning environment where students feel safe, loved, and are motivated to do their best. We are also very proud of the engagement of our families, community leaders, and many partners who are working with us. It is through this dedication and effort that our students will be able to improve, achieve at high levels, and graduate as prepared leaders for our society. 


    While the public may hear reports of concerns related to the development and criteria for this particular report card, our schools will continue to concentrate on strategies for improvement. Our conversation and focus will center on learning, a collaborative culture, and results for student achievement, all while attending to the many diverse needs of students who come through our doors each day. As our parents and community review the “Alabama State Report Card”, I strongly invite you to become more engaged in our schools and work with us in a positive manner so that we may continue on a path of success.


    Within each report card, information about academic achievement, academic growth, graduation rate, college and career indicators, chronic absenteeism, and student engagement will be found. In addition to these indicators that only begin to share the story, parents and community members may also want to consider the following:


    • The graduation rate for each of the six high schools and the school system is increasing each year. The 2017 Alabama State Report Card reports data based on the 2016 cohort of students. While the graduation rate for the 2017 cohort has not been fully certified by the State, all indications are the graduation rate for the school system and all six high schools continues to increase.

    • Over $10,530,000 in scholarships were earned by Tuscaloosa County School System students during the 2016-2017 school year.

    • The Tuscaloosa County School System was added to the “Advanced Placement (AP) District Honor Roll” by the AP College Board due to the expansion of AP course opportunities and improved performance of our advanced placement students

    • Through the partnership with West Alabama Works of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, we have been able to expand the career and technical education programs throughout our school system. As a result, students are now able to access more options that will better prepare them for college or the workforce.

    • Teachers within each school are working collaboratively in professional learning communities to develop learning targets based on standards, align instruction to standards, deepen rigor in instructional practices, intervene early with struggling students, and accelerate learning for more able students. This work is essential in ensuring long-term positive growth for student achievement, engagement, and overall culture.


    We encourage all parents and community members to review the “Alabama State Report Card” for our schools and school system. Links to this information may be found on the Alabama State Department website ( as well as our school system website ( In addition to the report cards, you will find interpretive guides and answers to some of the most common questions. Finally, if you are already involved in your local school, please continue! If not, talk with a teacher, staff member, or administrator and join with us as we prepare this next generation for our future.


    Walter W. Davie, Ed.D.


      Important Links

    Commonly Asked Questions 

    Alabama State Report Card – What You Need to Know

    Prototype Example – Elementary & Middle Schools

    Prototype Example – High Schools

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    Alabama State Report Card for Tuscaloosa County School

    (click on above link to access report from each school & school system)


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