• Art I   This is an introductory class.  Students will be learning the elements and principles of art through art production, class lecture, visual technology sources and well as research in art history.  All students will be required to keep and art journal to record notes and to use for brain storming when given an art production assignment.  Students will be graded on participation and effort as well as given quizzes and tests. 

    Art II-III  The prerequisite for Art II-III is Art I.  Students will already have a working knowledge of elements and principles of art and will have an extensive knowledge of art history, it's movements and notable great masters.  Students will dive deeper into exploration of art history and to more technical knowlege of art terms. influences and processes.  It will be the students responsibility to direct their art production under the supervision of the teacher. Art II-III will be required to participate in art exhibits that are available in Tuscaloosa and statewide.