• Advanced English 11 and English 11 will focus on American Literature from 1900 till the present. We will focus on one novella, Legends of the Fall, two novels, Their Eyes were watching God and The Great Gatsby, and two plays, "The Glass Menagarie" and "A Raisin in the sun." We will review the parts of speech, and the parts of a sentence in grammar. Also we will review subject verb agreement, pronoun antecedent agreement, verb tense and voice, modifiers, clauses, phrases, and punctuation. We will focus on the narrative essay, reflective essay, descriptive essay, compare/contrast essay, and the arguementative and debate essay. We will also complete a resesarch paper based on a literary analysis of an author and his or her works.
    All students will be required to bring all materials to class.
    Class Schedule 2018-2019 TBA