• ~*Each student will be required to keep written notes, participate in discussions, watch demonstrations and ask questions.  These will include information about artists,  terminology and techniques of each project assigned and demomstrations on using supplies for the project.  9-week tests and term exams will come from these notes.  

    ~*Each student will be required to finish projects in a reasonable time frame and meet deadlines.  It may be necessary for students to complete some of their unfinished work at home or come in extra if they have been absent or if they need more time.

    ~*The student will be graded on:  Production and following directions

                                                             Effort and attitude

                                                             Neatness and craftsmenship


                                                             Meeting the objectives of the assignment. 

    A rubric will be posted and explained in detail as the assignment is explained and in most cases demonstrated.

     ~*The student is expected to take notes, be attentive and participate while the lessons and demonstrations are being presented. Questions are welcomed and asked for at the appropriate times.


    Please feel free to contact me by E-mail :  lrozyskie@tcss.net   if you have any concerns or questions during the semester.  My planning is 5th period,(11:42-1:04)

    *Parents are welcome to visit our class anytime, just check in through the office for a visitor's pass!

    I look forward to meeting all of you and working with your student,


    Lisa Rozyskie

    Visual Arts I Supply List 2018-2019
    Due by Monday, Aug. 14, 2017
    1. 9x12 0r 8 1/2 x 11 spiral bound sketchbook
    2. Black, permanent markers: 1 med. sharpie, 1 thin or ultra thin.
    3. Wood pencil and eraser everyday - NO Mechanical pencil.
    4. ONE of the following:   box of tissues,  hand sanitizer, hand soap, or one bottle of all purpose cleaner, ex. 409, Windex, Lysol all purpose cleaner(non-chlorine).
    5. Students may be asked to bring in something for a project that will not cost anything and will be given participation points.  Example of this might be: leaves or stems, a paper towel for texture or something that is common around the house.
    *All visual arts students are required to have these items to participate in the class.  Please have these items by Monday,Aug.14.   If there is a problem with that date, please communicate with me so that I will know what is going on with you or your student.
     Supply List For Art 3 & 4    2018-2019
    1. 9x12 or 8 1/2 x 11 spiral bound sketchbook.  May be the one from Art I if there are enough pages left. 
    2. Portfolio large enough for 18X24 artwork 
    3. Wood pencil and eraser-NO mechanical.
    4. Various items will be needed during the semester for projects.  These items generally do not cost anything, they are mostly found objects or items around the house.  Part of your grade will be on the participation and thought put behind these objects.
    5. One of the following:  All purpose cleaner(non-chlorine) for tables, hand soap, hand sanitizer.