•  My Birthday!

    Fun Facts about Mrs. Ingram

    1. My birthday is March 17th! (St. Patrick's Day)

    2. My favorite color is PINK!

    3. I love food, especially junk food! 

    4. I'm from the big town of Winfield, AL. My dad was the fire chief there for 12 years! My mom is a nurse and works in the ER in Winfeld. 

    5. My kid's birthdays are both on the 8th of a month (Izzy-April 8th and Coleman-August 8th). My sister and I were both born on the 17th of a month (Ashley-December 17th and me-March 17th). 

    6. I cheered for 7 years and my squad won State & National's my junior year. I cheered my first year in college at Bevill State Community College. 

    7. I met my wonderful husband at BSCC!!! 

    8. I always wanted to be a news anchor growing up, but changed my mind when I was at BSCC and I'm glad I did! Teaching kids is AWESOME and so rewarding!

    9. Sweet tea is my weakness!

    10. I love MY babies at school! They will always be my babies and I will never forgot the students I've taught!