• "With heart and helping hands a child can accomplish anything."
  • Who I am in the classroom...

    I strive to create an environment where everyone feels safe, welcome, respected, trusted, and an important part of our class.  I place special focus on being able to learn together as a classroom family and being mindful of supporting each other. I believe students should understand the importance of being an integral part of a caring school community that respects and values diversity and nurtures everyone's self-esteem. 

    Who I am outside of the classroom...

    I am saved by grace and love being a member of Church of the Highlands. My time spent in praise and worship there is the highlight of my week. 

    I have two amazing sons.  Brylan is 19 and has a passion for football and track and field, while Blason is 16 and really enjoys playing baseball and basketball. I guess you could say that we have the whole year covered up in sports! I also have the cutest fur babies in the world. I have three dogs Bella, Nova, and Zero.  I also have two cats, Boots and Callie. 

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