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    Edited April 26, 2020

    My student is a senior in the Class of 2020? How is the school system addressing or planning for seniors to complete their year and graduate in a timely manner?

    Addressing the needs to assure that seniors in the Class of 2020 will graduate in a timely manner is a high priority for TCSS. Dr. Mackey, our State Superintendent of Education, has also stated that concern is a high priority. Our Academic Continuity Plan addresses specific concerns affecting seniors.

    Will TCSS hold graduation ceremonies?

    Visit our page under this section of our web site that details our plans for TCSS high school graduation ceremonies.

    How does the school closure impact students taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

    A student will not have to take the AP exam to receive weighted credit for the course. However, we strongly encourage our students to follow through on their hard work and take the exams with the intention of earning college credit.

    The College Board has made changes to the AP exam schedule to include (1) how the exams will be administered and (2) what content is covered on the exams.  For detailed information, please visit the AP Central web site. 

    By April 3, The College Board will provide complete information regarding exam schedules and testing details.

    Beginning Wednesday, March 25, you can attend free, live AP review courses that are delivered by AP teachers from across the country.  The daily course schedule and link to the YouTube channel can be found at the AP Students web site.


    Added/Updated March 25, 2020

    If a TCSS student or faculty/staff member tests positive for COVID-19, does that person need to tell the school system? How should that information be reported?

    Schools and school systems must report to the State any information about a student or staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19. If any of our students, families, faculty, or staff members test positive for COVID-19, we ask you to notify us by sending an email to Please be sure to include: (a) your full name; and (b) the name of your school. This is important in keeping our school communities safe and fighting the spread of the virus.

    If a student or faculty/staff member travels overseas, does that person need to notify the school system?

    If any of our students, faculty, or staff members travel overseas, please also notify us by sending an email to Please be sure to include: (a) your full name; and (b) the name of your school. Travel guidance from the CDC remains in place. Visit the CDC’s web site for travel recommendations by country for more information.



    Added March 24, 2020


    TCSS kindergarten registration was scheduled for Thursday, March 26. Will that still happen?

    TCSS kindergarten registration is postponed until further notice. Once a new date is determined, this will be communicated through the TCSS web site and local schools.



    How does the school closure impact students taking ACCESS Distance Learning courses?

    Students completing coursework through ACCESS Distance Learning should continue to work on assignments. Teachers have been directed to suspend assigning place holder zeros until further notice. Students are not to be provided with passwords to end of module tests or final exams.

    Students are not permitted to take tests or final exams between March 18th and April 6th.

    Career Readiness Indicators/Industry Credentials

    We recognize that many of our students who are enrolled in Career and Technical Education courses are studying and preparing to take industry credentialing assessments. At this point, because assessments must be taken in a controlled environment at school, we do not know for certain if students will have the opportunity to earn a Career Readiness Indicator (CRI) this school year. While this may be disappointing for some students - especially our seniors - it should in no way be a cause for concern with regard to their ability to graduate. As we learn more about how long schools will be closed, information will be shared with our students and their parents.

    Dual Enrollment/Early College

    Students who are enrolled in courses through Dual Enrollment at Shelton State Community College, Bevill State Community College, or The University of Alabama Early College should have already received information regarding those classes from the institution through which they are enrolled. Any specific question(s) should be addressed to the respective postsecondary institution.


    Find more information about COVID-19 and schools from the Alabama State Department of Education. 

    Additional questions may be directed to