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Assessment & Accountability

Learn about standardized testing and monitoring growth in academic achievement for TCSS students

Accountability Overview

The area of Accountability encompasses the measures and determinations as provided to the Tuscaloosa County School System by the State Department of Education. Great emphasis will be placed upon the connections between our elementary, middle, and high schools and how each support and depend upon each other, and as a result, make each student successful. The department will work closely with schools at each level in the understanding of accountability measures, how to prepare for these measures, and how to implement the monitoring to assure we are seeing successful growth in academic achievement for all of our students.

Access the Alabama Department of Education Report Card

Assessment Overview

The area of Assessment encompasses the logistical and implementation procedures for all standardized testing to occur within the system, kindergarten through twelfth grade. The department will work closely with schools at each level in the understanding of each assessment, the professional development needed to prepare for these assessments, and finally, the implementation and analysis required for each assessment.

While each area has a somewhat different focus, both work closely together in their work. The areas of Accountability and Assessment will continue to work in support of the school counseling programs.

Main Contacts

Mrs. Jackie Hudgins
Director of Accountability

Mrs. Cheryl Wallace
Director of Assessment 

Mrs. Rachel Watters

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