• I have my Bachelors degree in Primary and Elementary Education through the University of Alabama, and my Masters degree in Elementary Education through the University of West Alabama.
     Four years ago I was honored by my co-workers by being nominated for Alabama Teacher of the Year. I LOVE TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN!

    This is my 15th year teaching; my 14th at Maxwell. I am very happy to be here working with a wonderful faculty and staff. I am teaching fourth grade for the second year after teaching third grade for ten years here at Maxwell and I love it! I have also previously taught Kindergarten and First grade. 


    I am a "Washingtonian" who moved here 20 years ago when I transferred from Western Washington Univ. to the Univ. of Alabama. I live in a house my grandfather built on family land in the country.

    I am an active board member and secretary of the University of Alabama Gymnastics team Medalist Club, and the Director of the Tide Tykes & Teens gymnastics support program for children.


    I recently began sign language classes through AIDB (Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind). Learning sign language is an interest I've had for a long time and will hopefully be a skill I can put to good use in the future.
    In my "spare" time, I like to bake, build things, make ribbon sculptures, and watch movies. However, most of my time is spent playing with, and cleaning up after, my two wonderfully awesome dogs!
    Comfort Inn Tuscaloosa