• I have my Bachelors degree in Primary and Elementary Education through the University of Alabama, and my Masters degree in Elementary Education through the University of West Alabama.
     Four years ago I was honored by my co-workers by being nominated for Alabama Teacher of the Year. I LOVE TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN!

    This is my 15th year teaching; my 14th at Maxwell. I am very happy to be here working with a wonderful faculty and staff. I am teaching fourth grade for the second year after teaching third grade for ten years here at Maxwell and I love it! I have also previously taught Kindergarten and First grade. 


    I am a "Washingtonian" who moved here 20 years ago when I transferred from Western Washington Univ. to the Univ. of Alabama. I live in a house my grandfather built on family land in the country.

    I am an active board member and secretary of the University of Alabama Gymnastics team Medalist Club, and the Director of the Tide Tykes & Teens gymnastics support program for children.


    I recently began sign language classes through AIDB (Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind). Learning sign language is an interest I've had for a long time and will hopefully be a skill I can put to good use in the future.
    In my "spare" time, I like to bake, build things, make ribbon sculptures, and watch movies. However, most of my time is spent playing with, and cleaning up after, my two wonderfully awesome dogs!