• About Me

    Beth Sims

      Beth Sims
       Northside High School
       Email: bsims@tcss.net
       Phone: (205) 342-2755
    Teaching Experience
    This is my 24th year at Northside High School.
    Educational Background
    I graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Education (English/Spanish double major).
    I earned a Master's degree in Second Langauage Acquisition and Teaching (ESL) from The University of Alabama.
    I have been married to William Sims for 20 years.  He used to work as an architect in Tuscaloosa and Gadsden, Alabama. I have an adult son named Caleb who graduated from Northside in 2015. 
    We have three dogs. Dudley is a St. Bernard mix. We found Riley on the side of the interstate when she was little.  A a few years ago, Katie came to live with us.  She was a stray who used to live around the NHS parking lot, so you may have seen her before!  They keep us busy and very entertained! 
    Dudley, Riley, and Katie
               Dudley                                  Riley                                 Katie