• Greetings and Salutations from the Valley! I'd personally like to thank you for participating in the Sipsey Valley project. I have been a part of the happenings here since our beginning in the fall semester of the 2010-11 school year. My student teaching assignment was with this very same community at what use to be Lloyd Wood Middle School. I have been working, coaching and or teaching here in the Tuscaloosa County School System since 2002. My wife and I are both former students of the Tuscaloosa County Schools and we were fortunate enough to have had to the privilege to to see our very own children grow up along side the kids of this community. Our daughter was a 2016 graduate of SVHS and our son was among the graduates of 2017. Both took what they'd learned here and applied it to post secondary opportunities, made possible through their respective experiences here. It is my desire, intent and purpose to see kids develop into respective, responsible, productive members of our society!  Feel free to reach out and contact me through email if you believe I could be of any assistance or if you have a specific question, comment or concern about the content or a course I teach. 


    Thank You!!

    Bradley Atchenson