Glenda Jordan
    Reading Strategies

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    M.A. Comprehensive Social Science Education, University of Alabama, 1992


    M.A. Spanish Education, University of Alabama, 1992

    B.S. Comprehensive Social Science Education, University of Alabama, 1989




    Reading Strategies, Sipsey Valley Middle School, 2018 to present

    Reading Electives, Northport Junior High School/Lloyd Wood Middle School, 1999-2002

    Speech Electives, Lloyd Wood Middle School, 2002-2004



    Spanish I, ACCESS Distance Learning, 2011 to present

    Spanish I, Northport Junior High School, 1992-2000

    Global Studies and Other Spanish Exploratory Courses, Lloyd Wood Middle School, 1993-2010


    Social Studies

    World History to AD 1500, Sipsey Valley Middle School, 2010 to 2017

    World Geography/Citizenship, Lloyd Wood Middle School, 2003-2010

    World History and Geography:  AD 500-1789, Northport Junior High School, 1993-1999

    World Geography/Alabama History, Northport Junior High, 1992/1993


    Professional Organizations

    Social Studies Council of Alabama (SSCA)

    Alabama World Language Association (AWLA)

    Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers (AAFLT)

    Southern Conference on Language Teaching (SCOLT)

    American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP)

    Tuscaloosa County Education Association (TCEA)

    Alabama Education Association (AEA)

    National Education Association (NEA)