Amber Barkdoll

    Email: abarkdoll@tcss.net

    Phone: (205) 342-2670  Ext. 6769

    Mrs. Barkdoll
    2021-2022 Schedule

    Fall Semester
    1st Block: AP Literature                
    2nd Block: Honors Eng. 9 
    3rd Block: PREP        
    4th Block: Honors Eng. 9 
    Spring Semester
    1st Block: Advanced Eng. 9
    2nd Block: AP Literature
    3rd Block: PREP
    4th Block: Honors Eng. 9
    The University of Alabama- Bachelor of Science in Education-
                                             Secondary Language Arts
        Summa Cum Laude- Dec. 2008
    Muscle Shoals High School- May 2004 Advanced Diploma
    Teaching Experience
    Tuscaloosa County High School- Spring 2009 - Present
    Tuscaloosa County High School- Fall 2008 (Student Teacher though University of 
          After graduating from Muscle Shoals High School, I attended a small college in
    Mississippi called Mississippi University for Women. To this day, I treasure the
    friendships I made there, and I remember fondly the wisdom imparted to us by
    our wonderful professors. After two years at MUW, I transferred to The University
    of Alabama where I met my husband, Jayme, in the English education program.  
    I was offered a permanent position at County High after my student
    teaching placement in the fall of 2008 (Go Wildcats!). For 12 years, my husband and
    I both taught at County High--our classes were even right next to each other! However,
    in 2020, he transitioned into the ministry as a student pastor.  Our students mean the
    world to us, and we feel blessed to be a part of their lives.  
         In my spare time, my husband and I love to travel and play with our three pups (all
     rescues).  We are huge Bama fans (Roll Tide!), so Saturdays in the fall are filled with
    friends and lots of football!  Lastly, we love serving our community through our church.
    Required Supplies for 9th Grade English/ Pre-AP English 9
    • One ream of white copy paper to be donated to the class for printing handouts
    • At least ONE 3-ring binder (it needs to be sturdy)
    • Plenty of pencils and pens (no specific color is necessary)
    • Plenty of college ruled, loose leaft paper
    • At least 5 notebook dividers for organizing sections of the notebook
    • A pack of highlighters (at least 3 different colors, preferably pink, green, and yellow)

    ***Donations of Kleenex, Lysol spray, Paper Towels, Germ-X, Clorox Wipes,

    and Band-aids are always appreciated and can be brought at any time.


    Click the link below for a picture of the 9th Grade Honors English

    Summer Reading novel for the 2022-2023 School Year

    The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


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    Alma Mater 


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