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    Michael Middleton Jr.

    Email:  mmiddleton@tcss.net

    Phone: 342-2884
    Grade/Subject: Social Studies 8
     Just like life the only thing that remains the same is CHANGE.  I am off to teach World History (my favorite actually) AGAIN!  Looking forward to a more normal year.  I will try to keep the site for my class updated.  If we are forced to use Schoology I will keep it updated to mirror what we are doing in class.  If we can use other platforms I will use Edmodo because it is FREE and a thousand times easier to use for both the teacher, the students, and parent/guardians.
    Click Here to access my InformationNow page for grades and assignments.  (**SPECIAL NOTE**  I am constantly putting in grades so INOW may or may not reflect a truly accurate average.  ALSO, it is the student's responsibility to KEEP ALL graded work until I tell them it is okay to discard.  That is their "receipt"  if INOW goes down or there is an input error by me.) 
    ALSO, a will try to link a Digital Textbook for the students to use.  Students will NOT have an assigned book but they may check one out at any time.
    Find out which class period you student has and then simply text the code to 81010

    to join 1st Period send     @

    to join 2nd Period send    @

    to join 3rd Period send     @

    to join 4th Period send     @

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