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    Michael Middleton Jr.

    Email:  mmiddleton@tcss.net

    Phone: 342-2884
    Grade/Subject: Social Studies 6
    Today is August 7th, 2017 and I am in the process of updating all of my school resource pages.  I use EDMODO everyday and it is the MAIN source I use for daily updates, assignments, and parent/student communications. This years classes are available to join but we will do this when school begins.  I also use Remind which is listed at the bottom of this page.  Students will receive information on this as well.  I also am great with e-mail so if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime.  I have 3rd period prep so that is the best time to place a call but I'm always available.  Looking forward to working with your child and getting to meet you.
    ATTENTION Please sign up for Edmodo access if you want to follow the most up to date postings for my classes.  It is FAR easier to use, and I post updates, assignments, and tests announcements there.  Please take advantage of that resource. 
    PARENTS, If you want an account PLEASE sign up as a PARENT. Please DO NOT log on under your child's account. If you do please identify yourself because I assume I am communicating with the student. Once your student has an account I can give you the code which mirrors the student's class but is unique to the individual parent. Thanks.
    1. Go to Edmodo.com and create an account.    LINK TO EDMODO
    2. Click Join Group
    **my class join codes are varied and lock after two weeks, however I can unlock them at anytime to allow you to join just contact me**
    Social Studies 6-1st Period    mpef5p
    Social Studies 6- 2nd Period   6vic8z
    Social Studies 6- 4th Period    xcj642
    Social Studies 6-5th Period     xscea6
    Social Studies 6- 6th Period    58rp34
    **Please e-mail me if you need to join a class**
    Click Here to access my InformationNow page for grades and assignments.  (**SPECIAL NOTE**  I am constantly putting in grades so INOW may or may not reflect a truly accurate average.  ALSO, it is the student's responsibility to KEEP ALL graded work until I tell them it is okay to discard.  That is their "receipt"  if INOW goes down or there is an input error by me.) 
    A Link to the Digital Textbooks will be posted in the Helpful Resources section.  Students will NOT have an assigned book but they may check one out at any time.
    6th GRADERS log-in information for textbooks:
    user name:  student26681
    password:    v6w3j
    Find out which class period you student has and then simply text the code to 81010
    to join 1st Period send    @9e2cd
    to join 2nd Period send     @9bh26k
    to join 4th Period send     @ch38ac
    to join 5th Period send     @agadf
    to join 6th Period send     @bk7fb6