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    Brookwood's Elementary School Counselor 
    Kristie Cross
    Elementary School Counselors can help ALL students:

    • DO BETTER in school.

    • BUILD positive self-images.

    • ENJOY good relationships with others.

    Elementary School Counselors work to:

    • DEVELOP GOOD FEELINGS about work, family, society.

    • DEVELOP COMMUNICATION SKILLS that will help a child throughout his or her lifetime.

    • HELP FIND EARLY SOLUTIONS to students' problems.


    • HELP DEVELOP APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR PATTERNS for dealing with classroom activities and relationships with peers, teachers, etc.

    • ENCOURAGE NEW INTERESTS to help students develop into confident individuals.

    • INCLUDE PARENTS in their children's education.

    Goals of the Elementary School Counselor include:

    • TO HELP CHILDREN UNDERSTAND THEMSELVES AND OTHERS and their role in the family, neighborhood, etc.

    • TO PREVENT PROBLEMS FROM DEVELOPING through preventive counseling programs that stress early detection of learning and social adjustment problems.

    • TO DEVELOP PERSONALIZED PROGRAMS based on each child's abilities, strengths, weaknesses, emotional and intellectual roles, etc.

    • TO PROVIDE CAREER EDUCATION ACTIVITIES that help students become aware of their own skills and that teach them about the world of work.

    • TO PROVIDE CRISIS INTERVENTION when disputes with peers or teachers, personal problems, family difficulties or other situations make a child unhappy.

    • TO COORDINATE OR FACILITATE EFFORTS of others (social workers, psychologists, paraprofessionals, community agency staff, etc.) with those of parents, teachers and administrators.

    Elementary School Counselors work with students on an individual, group or classroom basis. The counseling method differs with the student, situation, etc.

    Elementary School Counselors work with other members of the education team including:





    As your child's school counselor, my goal is to try to help ALL children get the most out of school. I will work with teachers, parents and others to make the early school years a rewarding learning experience for your child and to lay the foundation for future success and achievement.

    Your support and cooperation can help make your child's school years a rewarding experience! I am looking forward to working with you and your child!