16049 Highway 216

    Brookwood, Alabama  35444


    Phone:   (205) 342-2668

    Fax:   (205) 342-2845


    Taylar Posey, Principal

    Ashley Leath, Assistant Principal



    At BWES, we use our heads, hearts, and Paws


    Welcome to Brookwood Elementary School!

    Brookwood is a school in the Tuscaloosa County School System. Tuscaloosa is the home of The University of Alabama.

    Our school population in grades K-5 is about 550 students. We have a diverse student body ranging from children of coal mining families (Brookwood’s major industry) to children of professional and business executives.


    The Brookwood Community

    Brookwood is a town in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, United States, which is located 25 miles southwest of Birmingham and 18 miles northeast of Tuscaloosa.