• Arrival and Departure 

    It is very important that your child is at school each day. Class begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:42 PM. Your child is tardy after 7:58 and must be signed in at the office.

    Attendance is essential in your child’s education. Please make being on time and staying all day as a top priority this year.

    Children arriving at school before 7:30 AM will be considered part of the Early Morning Program. This program starts at 6:40 AM and lasts until 7:30 AM. The cost is $2.00 per day.

     Dismissal Times:

               Bus 22 (Pam Morris)                           2:38 PM

                Bus 16 (Sylvia Tilley)                         2:38 PM

                Bus 107 (Genia O'Hanlon)                  2:38 PM

                Walkers/Car Riders                          2:40 PM 
                Club Bulldog After School Program    2:42 PM

    Extended Day Students are dismissed to cafeteria after the third bell. 

    Students are not allowed to check-out after 2:30 each day.  If you are checking your child out, please plan to do so before 2:30 or wait until the car riders are dismissed at 2:42 each day.